Adult Special Needs, Adaptive Fork and Spoon Set; SN-2 (Right Handed)

Adult Special Needs, Adaptive Fork and Spoon Set; SN-2 (Right Handed)

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Eat-Rite SN-2 Adapted Utensils were specifically designed for individuals with grip related challenges, special needs, neurological disorders, and physical trauma.

The SN-2 is designed to place the hand in a natural downward position, with this utensil, the individual can “hold” the SN-2 without the need to grip the utensil, enabling individuals with grip related challenges to eat normally. This product is one of the most adaptable utensils in the Eat-Rite line. When the individual loses the ability to grip their utensil tightly, the SN-2 gives them the security and confidence to feed themselves.

This product features a 45 Degree angle at the front of the utensil, made with higher quality 303 stainless steel. With the wristband attached and placed on the hand, the utensil stays in place. Reducing the embarrassment of dropping their utensil to the floor. We encourage the individual to come up with their own way of holding the utensil, so it fits their individual need.

Eat-Rite SN-2 Adapted Utensils are specifically made for right handed or left handed individual. Please be sure to select the correct hand utensil for optimal success.

Each set SN-2 Eat-Rite Adapted Utensil Set includes the Eat-Rite patent pending fork, the Eat-Rite patent pending spoon, an adult sized wristband, and a satin maroon carrying pouch.